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Language Translation Service

TatukGIS now introduces its language Translations Editor web site for systematically localizing TatukGIS software to any language. This service enables DK and Editor customers to contribute language translations for the menus, dialog boxes, and messages of the software’s user interface for compilation into the Developer Kernel, Editor, and free Viewer products.




The TatukGIS team continues to manage the original English language text and translations to Polish, while supporting customer contributed translations to other languages. To support languages for which contributed translations are unavailable, and ensure translations to all languages for newly added functionality, the Translations Editor defaults to machine generated translations credited to the user named Auto. The Recent section contains translation entries (customer contributed and machine generated) added during the most recent 30 days to enable customers to follow, review, and potentially improve new material.

Though customer contributed translations require TatukGIS approval before compilation into the software, the service allows each contributor the option to download and prioritize contributed translations without waiting for TatukGIS approval.

The Translations Editor web site is composed of three sections.

  • Recent section contains new translations and updates performed during the most recent 30 days.
  • DK section contains all implemented translations for the GIS Developer Kernel product.
  • EDT section contains implemented translations for the desktop GIS Editor application. Editor messages and GUI items, however, which are derived from the DK (e.g., layer control property dialog box) are contained by the DK (not EDT) section.

The Translations Editor is available to DK and Editor customers (under the same login credentials as for the www.tatukgis.com web site) at:  https://docs.tatukgis.com/translations/

Documentation is available at: https://docs.tatukgis.com/DK11/doc:translationedt

Posted: April 02, 2020
Filed under: DK, EDT